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CMS Changes Their Section 111 Processes

Sep 28, 2021
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a change to their Section 111 processes. As of October 4, 2021, CMS will accept a claim when the MSP effective...

CMS Must Now Share Medicare Advantage and Part D Info as Part of the “PAID Act”

Dec 15, 2020
President Trump just signed the PAID Act into law, as part of the “Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2021, and Other Extensions Act.” This Act now requires Medicare to share Medicare...

Court Upholds Insurer’s Refusal to Disburse Settlement Funds Until Plaintiff Proves Reimbursement of Medicare Conditional Payments

Sep 10, 2020
Not often do you see an MSP compliance issue arise in a bankruptcy decision. (But it’s 2020 and nothing seems to surprise me anymore.) In the matter of In Re...


Feb 13, 2020
MSA Services, LLC offers a variety of services to assist both personal injury attorneys and insurance adjusters in the pre- and post-settlement process. Our settlement consulting team provides access to...

Future Medical Cost Projections for Settlement Demands

Feb 12, 2020
Did you know that in addition to doing Medicare Set-Asides and conditional payment searches, MSA Services, LLC also performs future medical cost projections for workers’ compensation and liability cases? For...

Will CMS Re-Review an Approved MSA?

Jan 21, 2020
Here is the latest content from our YouTube channel addressing the issue of re-review and amended review of an approved MSA. https://binged.it/2RcV4tu

MSA Services, LLC Announces the Development of a YouTube Channel Dedicated To MSP Compliance

Jan 17, 2020
I am pleased to annouce that MSA Services, LLC has developed a YouTube channel that focuses on Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues. The first content posted to this channel is...

Gregory Lisowski to Present at Greater Bridgeport Bar Association

Dec 31, 2019
Gregory Lisowski has been asked to speak on issues of Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance before the Greater Bridgeport Bar Association on February 7, 2020. The presentation will focus on the...

9th Circuit Holds Guarantee Association not a Primary Payer Under MSP

Dec 9, 2019
In the case of California Insurance Guarantee Association v. Azar, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal recently held that a Guarantee Fund is not a “primary plan” under the Medicare...

CMS Maintains $750 Settlement Threshold for Conditional Payment Recovery

Dec 7, 2019
CMS has maintained its threshold of $750.00 across all Non-Group Health Plan (NGHP) lines of business to include workers’ compensation, general liability, and no-fault insurance. The threshold means that in...